Order to disorder: there was a beginning!

So far we have shown that absolute truth exists and that it does matter what we believe. We can choose to believe what we like, but it would only amount to self delusion and most likely to decisions that would harm us at some point in our lives.

But what is The Truth about where we came from, and before we get into that… where did anything come from? Has it always existed in it’s current state? Has this planet existed forever?

The answer is no… and the proof is the three laws of Thermodynamics.

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Does it matter what we believe?

Belief doesn’t change the facts but it does change the way we live our lives. The closer our beliefs are to reality, the better our decisions will be.

In the previous post we established that absolute Truth really does exist. But does it matter if we don’t believe it?

As young children we don’t know much about the world, what is good for us and the things that can hurt us. How many times does it take us before we believe that fire burns? In this case it is very important to believe the truth. What we believe doesn’t change the fact of the matter – fire burns. However it does change the way we live our lives, we either touch it or we don’t.

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Truth really does exist!

In recent years, relativism has taken over the world. But does this stack up? We find that in fact absolute truth does exist, and that we can use basic logic to answer some of the most difficult questions we have.

In recent years, relativism has taken over the world. In it’s many subtle forms, “Post-Modernism” and more recently, “Post-Truth” altogether. You can just make things up and claim them as facts to support your arguments. It’s been fashionable to answer questions with statements such as “truth is relative!”, or “there is no absolute truth!”, or “your truth is different to my truth, but they are both correct”, or “you can’t really know what the truth is”.

These statements are used to argue that it doesn’t matter what you believe, everyone is correct in the choices and believes that they make. Is this correct? This is question is of vital importance, becasue if these statements are true, then the whole of Science and reason is void… Logic itself falls apart at the seams.

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This site offers a Christadelphian apologetic perspective on life. The potential journey from Atheism to Christianity.

This site is dedicated to finding out the Truth and sharing a reasoned argument with anyone who may be interested. That is the meaning of the Greek word Apologia  – a reasoned defence such as is given in a court room. We attempt to answer questions such as, where did we come from? and Why are we here? Along with many other interesting questions and thoughts…

In the interest of full disclosure, I am a Christadelphian. Therefore I believe that the God of the Bible created this universe approximately 6000 years ago. The reasons for this, along with what will ultimately happen to the people of this planet are to be found in the Bible.

While I admit that this belief is something I was born into,  nevertheless I sincerely believe it to be the most rational position. Would I come to the same conclusions now if I’d been born into a family of Atheists? or staunch Humanists? If I had honestly looked at the evidence… yes, without a shadow of a doubt. But would I have even bothered to take the effort to look… maybe not! Continue reading “Welcome”