Does it matter what we believe?

Belief doesn’t change the facts but it does change the way we live our lives. The closer our beliefs are to reality, the better our decisions will be.


In the previous post we established that absolute Truth really does exist. But does it matter if we don’t believe it?

As young children we don’t know much about the world, what is good for us and the things that can hurt us. How many times does it take us before we believe that fire burns? In this case it is very important to believe the truth. What we believe doesn’t change the fact of the matter – fire burns. However it does change the way we live our lives, we either touch it or we don’t.

Do our beliefs match reality?

The closer our beliefs are to reality, the better our decisions will be.

This principal holds true for everything in life. If we believe the world owes us whatever we want and that we shouldn’t have to work for it… well then our believes will make us lazy and we will soon find out that reality is somewhat different. On the other hand, if we believe that we should work our hardest to make a difference in this life… then the fruits of our labour will reflect the effort put in.

What about the origin of the Universe, and Life on our planet? If we believe in the Big Bang, then matter randomly arranged itself into complex living organisms, and Evolution created all the different kinds of life as a matter of random chance. Then there is absolutely no purpose to our lives and we live as we please until our bodies wear out, to cease with no knowledge of anything!

If on the other hand we believe in a creator, and that he has a plan for his creation… then surely we would be trying to find out what it is, wouldn’t we? Life immediately gains meaning and purpose, hope of something better. There is a path to be taken with potential reward at the end of it. The God of the Bible offers immortal life with certain preconditions concerning our way of life.

Some people say we should believe in God just becasue there is far more to lose if he does exist and we don’t believe. But surely there is a better way than just taking this approach. Surely we can find out which beliefs are closest to reality. This is also what we find taught in the bible:

“Prove all things; hold fast that which is good”
1 Thessalonians 5:21

Let’s lay it all out on the table and consider the facts and see which position is the most rational.

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