Truth really does exist!

In recent years, relativism has taken over the world. But does this stack up? We find that in fact absolute truth does exist, and that we can use basic logic to answer some of the most difficult questions we have.


In recent years, relativism has taken over the world. In it’s many subtle forms, “Post-Modernism” and more recently, “Post-Truth” altogether. You can just make things up and claim them as facts to support your arguments. It’s been fashionable to answer questions with statements such as “truth is relative!”, or “there is no absolute truth!”, or “your truth is different to my truth, but they are both correct”, or “you can’t really know what the truth is”.

These statements are used to argue that it doesn’t matter what you believe, everyone is correct in the choices and believes that they make. Is this correct? This is question is of vital importance, becasue if these statements are true, then the whole of Science and reason is void… Logic itself falls apart at the seams.

If there is no truth to seek, then all questions of where we came from and how it happened are pointless. Fortunately it is easy to see that statements such as these are false when you turn them against themselves. Continue reading “Truth really does exist!”